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 [外絮] Mavs confident about O'Neal or Smith

時間 Wed Dec 24 21:00:47 2014

DALLAS -- President of basketball operations Donnie Nelson expressed
confidence that the Dallas Mavericks would soon bolster their bench with the
addition of Jermaine O'Neal or Josh Smith.

The Mavs, who are searching to replace traded backup center Brandan Wright in
their rotation, are among several teams who have expressed interest in O'Neal
and Smith, a pair of high-profile available veterans.

"I feel pretty good that we'll be able to come to terms with one," Nelson
said Tuesday on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM. "Certainly to come up with both would
be just hitting a grand slam home run. Look, there's a long line for suitors
on both fronts.

"I think the fact that Jermaine has chosen Dallas to be his home in the long
term certainly has its place and resonates with time with family and such.
And here's a guy who has a long history not only with our coach but with our
point guard/quarterback. That certainly has a place.

小牛必須尋找Brandan Wright走後的禁區大將,GM小尼有信心小牛將會簽下 Jermaine
O'Neal 或 Josh Smith. 而小歐選擇住在達拉斯是一項很有利的優勢。

"With Josh, again, we're one of a number of potential teams and suitors. It's
got to be right with him and with us. We're kind of in the swings of putting
our best foot forward. If we're able to hit that one home, it just would be a
real, real nice get for us."

Sources told ESPN.com's Marc Stein that the Houston Rockets are confident
that they have the inside track who land Smith, who was released by the
Detroit Pistons on Monday less than halfway into his four-year, $54 million
contract and is expected to clear waivers Wednesday.

The Rockets have their biannual exception, valued at $2.1 million, to offer
Smith. The Mavs can only offer the veteran's minimum of $1.45 million.
Both franchises have one of Smith's closest friends to aid their recruiting
pitch. Smith played AAU basketball with Houston center Dwight Howard in
Atlanta and was roommates and teammates with new Mavs point guard Rajon Rondo
at high school powerhouse Oak Hill Academy.

The Mavs are hoping to convince the 29-year-old Smith, a starting forward his
entire career whose suitors also reportedly include the Miami Heat,
Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Clippersand Memphis Grizzlies, to come to
Dallas as a sixth man who will play center and forward.

Josh Smith目前在市場上炙手可熱,火箭有雙年特例、先發大前鋒以及DH遊說的條件,目

"If he did fit and if he joined us, it would be a sixth man situation, but
we'd see him as a starting-caliber type guy," Nelson said. "He's got a very
rare combination of strength and versatility. He'd be a great addition for
whatever team is lucky enough to get his services, but he understands and is
fully aware that we have a power forward that we're very comfortable with and
Tyson [Chandler] has got the center position locked down, so he would be a
heck of a piece at any one of our three frontline positions."


Sources told ESPN.com last week that O'Neal, who opted to spend the start of
this season with family and focusing on business interests while deciding
whether to come back for what would be his 19th season, is "highly intrigued"
by the idea of joining the Mavericks as a free agent in the wake of the Rondo

ESPN.com reported earlier this month that O'Neal -- a six-time All-Star who
played two seasons alongside Rondo in Boston -- intends to make a definitive
declaration about his playing future early in 2015.But sources said Friday that timetable might be moved up, since O'Neal would
naturally need some time to work his way into game shape.

NBA front-office sources say that the Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers and
Golden State Warriorsare also among the teams with a strong interest in
O'Neal should he decide to play on.

But O'Neal maintains his offseason home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has
long been interested in joining the Mavericks to reunite with his former
Indiana Pacers coach Rick Carlisle. Heading into the 2013-14 season, O'Neal
had serious negotiations with the Mavericks before ultimately signing a deal
with Golden State and enjoying a productive season as one of the Warriors'
locker room leaders.

The 36-year-old O'Neal addressed his decision in a series of tweets on
Tuesday, saying he has yet to make a decision but is confident he can perform
"probably better than 60% of the bigs in the league today!" O'Neal concluded
with: I will say this, if the decision is to play I promise you that when I
hit the court I will be ready physically and mentally to help a team!



Dallas Mavericks president Donnie Nelson confident team will land Jermaine O'Neal or Josh Smith - ESPN Dallas
Mavericks president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson expressed confidence that Dallas would soon bolster its bench with the addition of Jermaine O'Neal or Josh Smith. ...



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