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 [外絮] 角逐MVP的黑馬 - 詹姆士‧哈登

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  角逐MVP的黑馬 - 詹姆士‧哈登  
James Harden, the NBA's unlikely MVP
《運動畫刊》(Sports Illustrated)封面人物專題報導


作  者:Lee Jenkins
Sports Illustrated: James Harden, the NBA's unlikely MVP - NBA - SI.com
When James Harden signed with the Rockets, he wasn't sure he had what it takes to be a star. Now he's the MVP front-runner and the league is trying to keep up, step for Eurostep. ...

日  期:Feb. 18, 2015 (雜誌出刊日期為2月23日)


That GM, Daryl Morey, had pursued Harden for three years and mined a plethora
of statistics that indicated he would be a megastar. A point guard by nature
and a shooting guard by trade, the 6'5" Harden excelled at almost every
offensive element prized in today’s NBA: orchestrating the pick-and-roll;
getting to the rim; getting to the free throw line; creating and making
three-pointers, especially the corner threes. But there is still no way to
project whether even the finest part-timer can sustain such performance for
40 minutes over 82 nights against an array of bespoke traps and double teams.
So when Morey sent Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, two first-round draft picks
and a second-rounder to Oklahoma City for a package headlined by Harden,
the GM was betting that a star lurked inside. And when Harden boarded the
jet for Houston, having rejected a contract from the Thunder that fell
$6 million shy of the maximum, he was making the same bet.



Jeremy Lamb,兩個首輪、一個次輪,換來以哈登為首的包裹時,他賭的是哈登的

I’m talented, but what if I’m not talented enough? Harden asked himself. I’
m smart, but what if I’m not smart enough? Then he eviscerated the Pistons,
and two nights later put 45 on the Hawks, and some of his uncertainty
evaporated. He made his first All-Star team that season, recorded his first
triple double, had career highs in almost every category. But Houston
finished eighth in the Western Conference, OKC first, and the Thunder took
their first-round matchup 4–2. “I still had Oklahoma City in my head,”
 Harden says. “Did I make the right decision? Was it my fault? They were
still winning. It felt like they didn’t need me anymore.” Scoring and
playmaking came naturally to Harden, but a star’s other duties did not.



Two years and four months have passed since the trade, and Harden is now a
25-year-old supernova, not only the most prolific scorer in the NBA and one
of the most productive passers, but suddenly a stopper and a leader to boot.
“Our best player since Hakeem Olajuwon,” says Rockets owner Leslie
Alexander. Houston sits tied for third in the West, Oklahoma City ninth. The
Thunder did need him after all. “I still think a lot about the ifs,” Harden
says. “But I’m good now.” A star does not reminisce about former employers
who withheld max contracts. He haunts them without remorse. Welcome to the
year of the Beard, the Mohawk and the Step Daddy, the year that slow became
fast, that Compton became Euro, and that drawing a foul became an art form.




Houston has unleashed what Morey calls “the modern player,” an exemplar of
efficiency who actually scored 45 points in a game this season on 18 shots, a
line that sounds mathematically impossible. Harden averages 27.4 points, but
more impressive, accounts for a league-high 44.2 when including his assists.
If Morey built a player’s operating system, it would perform a lot like
Harden, who turns up his nose at midrange jumpers while generating foul shots
and corner threes at remarkable rates. “If I knew then what I know now,”
 Morey says, “I’d have given up five more first-round picks.” Never mind
that Harden’s supposed sidekick, center Dwight Howard, has already missed 21
games and is out another four to six weeks with a right-knee injury. The
Rockets survive with a starting front line of Joey Dorsey and Donatas
Motiejunas. “James makes it easy,” Motiejunas says, “because he gets us so




When Harden is rolling, he twirls his left index finger, like an egg beater
on the fastest setting. “That means something’s cooking,” says his
housemate and former high school teammate Greg Howell. It could be a number
of specialties: one of his four variations on the Eurostep or his lurching
straight-line drive or his super-slo-mo “step-back of death,” so named by
teammate Jason Terry because the move leaves defenders staggering as if they’
ve been shot. It could also be another leisurely stroll to the stripe. Harden
invites abuse, stretching his body and extending the ball when he approaches
the rim, baiting opponents to reach and slap. He proudly displays the scabs
along his forearms. He jokes about affixing name tags of his assailants, who
have helped shove him into the stratosphere previously occupied by Durant and
LeBron James. “I see an opportunity to become one of the best players in the
world,” Harden says. “I could be the best player in the world.”

上菜了」他的高中隊友及室友Greg Howell這麼解釋。那可能是他的某項拿手絕活:


這是隊友Jason Terry起的名號,因為這會讓防守者看起來像中槍般地腳步踉蹌

Fans look at the overgrown beard and expect a similarly outsized personality,
but Harden must be comfortable to reveal it. He often speaks in a convoluted
lexicon that no one outside his inner circle can decipher. A standard
salutation is “Woowoo.” Goodbye is “Curtains.” Harden is protective of
the beard—not even his barber trims the stray whiskers—but he is also weary
of the attention it commands. He can’t exactly slip on a baseball cap and
disappear. “Sometimes I want to rip it off and be a kid again and hang
around quietly,” Harden says. Brand managers everywhere would go ballistic.
“To be honest,” he adds, “I’m scared of what I’d look like without it.”
 Then again, he notices the suspicious glances he receives, and experiences a
different kind of fear. “People think I’m mean,” he says. “But if you
spend some time around me, get to know me, you fall in love.”



Monja Willis raised three kids as a single mother in South Los Angeles, but
James is the youngest by eight years, so he was easily mistaken for an only
child. Willis lost two brothers in 1993, murdered in unrelated events, and
after that she saw danger around every corner. When James grew old enough to
explore his neighborhood, Willis rented out their house and bought a mobile
home in a gated park in Rancho Dominguez, on the Compton border; most
residents were senior citizens who complained about the noise when James
rolled his portable hoop into the street.

哈登的母親Monja Willis獨自撫養三個孩子,老么哈登因為和兄姐年齡差距大,

Harden arrived at powerful Artesia High a set shooter and little else. “I
just stood in the corner,” he says. “I didn’t dribble. I didn’t move. I
didn’t do anything. I was lazy, really lazy.” He came with a recommendation
from Derrick Cooper, president of the L.A. City Wildcats, who met Harden when
he was a kindergartner trying out for an AAU team of 12- and 13-year-olds. “
He was small, obviously, and not that fast,” Cooper remembers. “But when
the big kids tried to double him and steal the ball, he understood how to
kick it out and set up an open shot. He knew the game.”

推薦哈登來這所中學打球的是Derrick Cooper,洛杉磯市野貓少年籃球聯盟的主席。
Cooper第一次遇到哈登時他還在讀幼稚園,卻去參加AAU 12~13歲級試訓。「不用說



Scott Pera, then the Artesia coach, recognized in Harden the same instincts
that Cooper did. “Great athletes learn to play in the air,” Pera says. “
James learned to play on the ground. He knew how to jump stop, how to pump
fake, how to see time and space.”

Scott Pera,當時擔任Artesia中學的籃球教練,同樣注意到了哈登與生俱來的籃球

To turn Harden from a sniper into a driver, Pera put him through daily X-out
drills, in which Harden had to convert eight straight layups while Pera
punished him with an arm pad. They made a standing bet: If Harden shot more
than six free throws in a game, Pera owed him a hamburger; if Harden shot
fewer than six, he owed Pera sprints. Harden discovered ways to contort his
limbs through and around defenders, collecting whistles and patties. “He
played like he was 30,” says Frank Burlison, who covered Artesia for the
Long Beach Press-Telegram and now runs the scouting service Burlison on


歲的老成。」當時負責報導Artesia中學賽事的記者兼球探Frank Burlison如是說。

Harden’s mother was his motivation. Willis worked 28 years as a maintenance
administrator for AT&T, commuting up the congested 110 North to Pasadena,
then returning to help care for her own mom, who was dying of cancer. Willis
earned enough to afford the mortgage and utilities, spending anything left
over on cold cuts, ramen and milk. A luxury was a membership at L.A. Fitness,
the health club where she exercised while her son joined pickup games with
middle-aged men.


He developed a playing style that matched his disposition. “I like to be in
my own world, at my own pace,” Harden explains. “Once I’m comfortable,
once I know what’s happening around me, then I can attack.” When he
dribbles atop the key, he looks as if he might nod off, and when he drives
through the lane, he slams the brakes more than a cabbie at rush hour. He
gets where he needs to be. He just takes a while, and occasionally, he
requires a little push.


Midway through his junior season at Artesia, Harden was taking as few as
eight shots per game, and Pera begged him to let fly. From then on he was the
best high school prospect in Southern California, more acclaimed than
contemporaries such as Westbrook and Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard and Paul
George. As a freshman at Arizona State, Harden was again reluctant to fire,
until coaches gave him their approval. A year later he was an All-America,
picked third in the 2009 draft by Oklahoma City. Keeping with his pattern,
Harden failed to crack double figures as an NBA rookie, deferring to Durant
and Westbrook. But he adjusted again, mastering Manu Ginóbili’s Eurostep in
one summer and mimicking Paul Pierce’s step-back in another. Harden expanded
on the originals—“Step Daddy,” he calls a new version of Pierce’s move—
while discovering another maneuver all his own.



仿效Paul Pierce的後撤步(他把Pierce的這招取名為「靠北後撤步」),加以


“Oklahoma City taught us to chin the ball, so when you lay it up, no one can
strip it,” Harden recalls. “I did that for a while, but it didn’t work for
me, so I started putting the ball out instead. People kept reaching for it
and hitting my arm. It was like finding treasure, finding gold. Everyone
thinks I’m looking for contact, but I’m not. It’s bait on a hook. You have
the option to reach for the ball. But if you get my arm, it’s a foul.” This
may not sound like a revelatory technique, but Harden has 127 more free
throws and 125 more attempts than anybody in the NBA this season.


His entire offensive approach is counterintuitive. When he wants to shake his
man, he slows down. When he wants to protect the ball, he sticks it out.
“He’s a boxer,” Terry says, “getting you off balance, luring you into
a mistake and then going right at it.” In 2012, Terry played for the
Mavericks, who were defending their title in a first-round series against
OKC. “It wasn’t about stopping KD,” he remembers. “It wasn’t about
keeping Russ out of the lane. It was, ‘What do we do with James Harden?’"




Three years after Morey started his pursuit for Harden—Houston feverishly
tried to acquire the No. 4 pick from the Kings in 2009—he called Oklahoma
City. Morey was searching for a cornerstone, and the only ones available
either weren’t cornerstones anymore or weren’t cornerstones yet. The
Thunder seemed to have two ways they could go with Harden: They could give
him the maximum deal he sought, exceed the salary cap and pay the luxury tax
for a clean look at multiple championships. Or they could do nothing, let him
become a restricted free agent the following summer and decide then whether
to match what would likely be a max offer sheet. They chose a third option,
proposing a contract below the max in hope that Harden would accept it. But
by the fall of ’12 he had found his elusive comfort zone and felt ready to
attack. He just needed that little push.



On Oct. 27, Morey watched his son’s soccer game from inside his car, a
vantage point that allows him to writhe in private. “All the way to the end
I thought they’d pay James the max,” Morey says. “I did not think they’d
move him.” Oklahoma City extended a final four-year, $54 million offer and
gave Harden an hour to mull it over. “I’m not the kind of guy who makes
quick decisions,” he says. “I had to go too fast, way too fast.” The
next morning he was on the plane.


Willis has followed her son from California to Arizona, Oklahoma to Texas,
and everywhere they move she carries a note he wrote to her in the ninth
grade. In it Harden asks for a couple of dollars so he can buy a snack after
school, but that’s not why Willis framed it. At the bottom is a bold
prediction: “P.S. I’m going to be a star.”

而是因為紙條最下方一行大膽的預言:「P.S. 將來我會成為大球星喔!」


In the NBA everybody wants to be the face of the franchise, but few want to
fulfill the responsibilities. Besides the points and assists, which can never
wane, there are alphas to defend and appearances to make, team meetings to
call and free agents to recruit. “I had to figure out how to be the main guy,
” Harden says.


During his first two years in Houston he came across as slightly aloof,
ducking out after practices and skipping treatment sessions. “I was being
lazy, being tired, wanting to just go home and relax,” Harden says. “I let
my body wear down.” He threw all his energy into offense, because that’s
what he thought the team needed, and slipped badly on the other end. “I put
defense on the back burner,” he admits.


Morey believed the Rockets could contend this season if Harden became a
two-way player, but no one knew how to accelerate the process, and rushing
him is risky. “To get there,” says coach Kevin McHale, “you have to go
through some stuff.” One of McHale’s former assistants, Kelvin Sampson,
worked daily with Harden over the past two years. “He’ll do it,” Sampson
said, “when he decides it’s important.”

「要達到那樣的階段,需要經過某些淬鍊。」火箭前任助理教練Kelvin Sampson,

Pera, Harden’s former high school coach, moved to Houston last summer after

he landed an assistant’s job at Rice and stayed in Harden’s guest house for
seven weeks. One night Pera asked about the upcoming season. “LeBron, KD,
the best of the best, they play both ends,” Harden said. “I’ve got to do
it too.”

作客七週。某天晚上他問起哈登下個球季的展望,哈登回答:「LeBron, KD這些

First, he had to prepare his body. He went home to Los Angeles and hiked in
Runyon Canyon, ran the dunes in Manhattan Beach, took spin classes at Cycle
House. He joined pickup games in L.A. and also at the University of Houston,
where Sampson is now the coach. “He is treating every possession like the
playoffs,” one Cougar reported. Sampson wondered if his star pupil had made
the decision.

首先,他要鍛鍊好體力。回到洛杉磯後,他會去Runyon Canyon健走、去Manhattan
Beach的沙丘跑步,去Cycle House上飛輪課。他不僅在加州打鬥牛賽,也會去Sampson

On Aug. 7, Harden was sitting in the parking lot of a Houston bank when news
flashed on his phone: Durant was withdrawing from Team USA in advance of the
FIBA World Cup. “I’m going to be alone,” Harden told Howell. “Maybe I
should drop out too and get some rest.” He could kick back and roll a few
hundred more frames at Bowlmor, where he is so prolific they gave him his own
pin to take home. “Are you joking?” Howell asked. “This is the best thing
that could have happened. LeBron’s not there, KD’s not there. It’s your
time to lead.” Howell provided the final push. In Spain, Harden was the one
who huddled teammates when opponents were making a run, and Harden was the
one who spoke when coaches asked for players’ opinions. “The way he
practiced, the way he was in meetings, he’s grown quite a bit,” says Bulls
coach Tom Thibodeau, a Team USA assistant. “He led us.”





Harden will never be the loudest voice in the locker room—-especially not a
locker room with Dwight Howard—but from the courtside seats at Toyota Center
his mother can hear him getting in the ears of Patrick Beverley and Josh
Smith and Trevor Ariza. She remembers how coaches used to ask her why he
wouldn’t take charge. Go to work, she’d have to tell him. “He’s like a
different person,” Willis says. Predictably, Harden tops the NBA in win
shares this season, but he also ranks eighth in defensive win shares and
second in steals. He is locking down despite the departures of Chandler
Parsons and Jeremy Lin, whose exits left Houston even more reliant on Harden.

中心球場,坐在場邊的哈登母親不時可以聽到他對隊友Beverley, Josh Smith和Ariza

“You never take anything away from LeBron, but it’s similar in what we’re
asking [Harden] to carry,” says Rockets assistant J.B. Bickerstaff. Houston
is looking for another creator to help, but so far Harden is handling the
triple teams and full-court denials sent his way. “Let’s say an opponent is
showing hard on a pick-and-roll, and I beat it three or four times, they’ll
switch it up and trap me,” he explains. “So I go to my big and I tell him,
‘I’m going to hit you with the pocket pass, and you either [pass] to the
corner or attack and find another big.’”

教練J.B. Bickerstaff這麼說。火箭隊還在設法引進第二個組織者來幫忙減壓,但到

It is sheer coincidence, Harden claims, that he creates so many layups, free
throws and corner threes at a time when front offices are trumpeting the
value of those actions. “How I always liked to play,” he says. It is also
coincidence, Harden insists, that he Eurosteps across the floor at a time
when coaches are hailing the fundamentals of European imports. “Good way to
move without dribbling,” he says. And it is yet another coincidence, Harden
maintains, that he sprouted the billowing beard in college, at a time when
hipsters from Brooklyn to Berkeley were about to put away their razors. “I
didn’t want to shave,” he says. Anybody who believes all that is
underestimating his mysterious genius.


“I do feel like I can see some things before they happen,” Harden admits.
His vision, from the sky over the state line, has come into focus: A sixth
man as the new superstar, a desert island as the new destination, emerging
with a whistle and a woowoo.



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BanJarvan4  : 他可沒說他沒排擠書豪 故意丟炸彈 以及平常不傳球68F 03/01 20:22
s996606733  : 除了買飯其他都不錯69F 03/01 20:22
BanJarvan4  :           多打個沒70F 03/01 20:23
sasHill     : 突然邊登登迷了!!71F 03/01 20:30
huang755055 : 原來高中就開始練買飯了 真的行行出狀元阿 鬍子MVP!72F 03/01 20:33
chenlansue  : PUSH73F 03/01 20:36
chenlansue  : 不過也不只是鬍子 美國"fat"根本是禁語尤其是對胖子
myeason     : 巨星的誕生75F 03/01 20:37
king181239  : ㄉㄥㄉㄥㄉㄥㄉㄥㄉㄥㄉㄥㄉ76F 03/01 20:43
pantient    : 淋瀰動態:把原po黑名單77F 03/01 20:52
frogha1     : 什麼叫除了買飯其他都不錯? 買飯本來就是他成為巨星78F 03/01 21:10
beariscut   : 好文,沒想到他的進攻手段是有得到啟發而練出來的79F 03/01 21:10
frogha1     : 的非常重要的能力, 買飯能力高, 表示效率值高!80F 03/01 21:10
bbo9527     : 不能說胖 要說懶 所以不能叫小胖 要叫小懶(SGG)..81F 03/01 21:11
frogha1     : 而且買飯是犧牲肉體換來的, 沒看他手臂都是疤痕嗎?82F 03/01 21:12
jms790607   : 已哭 看完更了解一個人 哈登加油 這季支持妳奪冠83F 03/01 21:17
frogha1     : 看完只覺得哈登就是天才, 一個暑假就練會歐洲步, 又84F 03/01 21:18
frogha1     : 一個暑假就練會後撤步, 別人練得要死要活也練不起來
rbking21    : 想學就能學會 想改就改到好 說到都能做到 真的很屌86F 03/01 21:20
rbking21    : ……
jms790607   : 真的 說到做到 誰都會說 但要做到卻是最難的 哈登屌88F 03/01 21:21
CitySheep   : 歐洲步+後撤步  天下有三步你已經習得兩步89F 03/01 21:27
CitySheep   : 最後一步請去向LBJ學習
michealking : 其實把手伸出去上籃要有很強大的核心 肌力91F 03/01 21:30
michealking : 真的沒想像中容易
michealking : 然後他的防守是有賴於火箭今年更動了一點防守體系
michealking : 不過換人時這季真的有認真對位
joseph860504: 這篇完全看得出來誰是無_酸酸 推翻譯95F 03/01 22:03
t5757567    : 天下有十步 哈登已習得兩步  其餘都落入LBJ之手XD96F 03/01 22:10
shuun2007   : 看到一堆人都說甚麼以前誤會他了,前幾年的他確實97F 03/01 22:14
shuun2007   : 是沒防守 打很爛,又愛傳炸彈,愛賴犯規
shuun2007   : 打球難看,以前的他就是這麼爛,但確實今年也有角逐
shuun2007   : MVP的實力。
shuun2007   : 不能用今年的表現來蓋過他以前打的那些糟糕的play阿
JCrawford   : 你確定你的"爛"字能用在前兩年的鬍子?102F 03/01 22:17
JCrawford   : 第一年第三隊,第二年第一隊,這叫做爛?
mhkt        : 1F的反差真大 鬍子今年攻防表現亮眼104F 03/01 22:18
mhkt        : 他真的有能力去競爭MVP 況且火箭戰績西區第3
JCrawford   : 前兩年沒鬍子火箭能不能進季後賽都還不知道106F 03/01 22:19
mhkt        : 鬍子功不可沒107F 03/01 22:19
mikeneko    : 擁有當今NBA最重視的進攻手段:上罰球線108F 03/01 22:21
tofly       : 買犯其實很難…109F 03/01 22:32
wayne820309 : 推110F 03/01 22:47
shoray      : 今年確實是很棒,但他去年那種防守態度被討厭也是剛111F 03/01 22:52
shoray      : 好。

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