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 [情報] Cnet測試:相機先決 iPhone6 vs S6 vs M9

時間 Mon Apr  6 18:33:51 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9, Apple iPhone 6 camera shootout

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9, Apple iPhone 6 camera shootout - CNET
We pit the cameras from three mobile giants -- the Galaxy S6, the HTC One M9, and the iPhone 6 -- against one another to see which flagship takes the best photos. ...




Samsung S6: 1600萬像素Sony IMX240 CMOS 鏡頭光圈f/1.9 有光學防抖
HTC One M9: Toshiba T4KA7 CMOS 尺寸為1/2.4" 像素2000萬 鏡頭光圈f/2.2
iPhone 6: 800萬像素的CMOS 鏡頭光圈為f/2.2

只有兩組相片開啟HDR(以下會提到) 其餘皆設定Auto模式

以下照片從上往下順序為S6 M9 iPhone6

1. 陽光充足的戶外

1. A sunny day on the pier

Here, the M9's picture is the brightest, and while that lightened up
the grey sidewalk nicely, some areas of the photo were overexposed,
especially in the right-hand corner where the sun was shining. I like
the deeper blue sky that the iPhone 6 captured, but objects in the
background, like the second dock behind the seagull, looks hazy and more
muted compared to the ones from the Galaxy S6 and M9.

M9的整體亮度最高 灰色的人行道因此亮度夠高拍的很漂亮 但有些地方有過曝現象
iPhone6的藍天拍的很漂亮 旁邊第二個碼頭比起S6 M9 顯得有點朦朧


2. Eying the top shelf

In this well-light indoor photo, I'm partial to the darker blacks and
red hues captured with the M9. The shadowing in the middle shelves also
lend more depth to the image, in contrast to the iPhone's, which looks
hazy around that same area. At full resolution, however, the Galaxy S6
captured more details, particularly in the lettering in the bottles'
labels, and the details in the bricks.

M9對紅色及黑色色調表現比較突出 中間櫃子的陰影也比較黑

3. 近焦自然光源花草

3. Up close with a Stargazer Lily

In this set, I prefer the Galaxy S6's picture above all three. Colors
really pop, especially the fuchsias, greens, and yellows, without looking
too overly-saturated and unrealistic. Even the creases in the leaf to
the left have more texture. The M9 comes in at a close second, and the
iPhone, while it had the most accurate-looking colors, appeared too
bluish and cold to be favored.

三星色彩很漂亮 尤其是紫紅色 綠色 黃色 但不至於太過艷及不真實 左邊的葉子的
iPhone顏色表現最準確 但顯得冷色調而沒這麼討喜

4. 色彩鮮明的水果攤位

4. How do you like them apples?

Once again, I'd hand it to the Galaxy S6 on this one. The red and yellow
hues are vibrant and have a lot more punch. In turn, the apples in the
iPhone look washed out and the Golden Delicious' in the middle appear
particularly pale. The M9 is a happy medium between the two (though I
still like how the Galaxy S6's photo more) -- the apples come off livelier
than the iPhone's, but if you're not a fan of the Galaxy S6's saturated
tones, the M9 is more true-to-life.

S6的飽和度較高 尤其是黃色和紅色 討喜但不夠真實
M9居中 比較接近真實
iPhone6很真實 中間的蘋果則顯得比較蒼白

5. 低照度室內

5. Your friendly neighborhood Irish bar

This picture was taken in a very low-lit environment. While the Galaxy
S6's photo is objectively brighter, I prefer the iPhone's image. Objects
are still visible and faces are sharp, but it managed to handle the
lighting from the hanging bulbs better, without the same haziness or
lens flares you see in the other two. The worst of the three was the
M9. Not only did the picture remain dim, but objects looked blurry and
grainy compared to the others.

iPhone6物體跟人臉都表現得很好 對光線的處理也比較好 懸掛著的燈泡沒有模糊及眩光
M9最差 太過昏暗 物體比起其他兩個顯得模糊及很多噪點

6. 自然光源室內

6. A dream kitchen

Here, the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 are quite equal. Objects are sharp,
lighting is even, and colors are accurately captured. At full resolution,
however, you can begin to discern a few differences. Notably, the white
flowers in the mid-ground are just a hair sharper on the Galaxy S6.
Unfortunately, the M9 once again performed the weakest. The lighting on
the top right is overexposed and when you zoom in, the flower petals are

M9最差 右上方過曝 花瓣也表現不佳

7. HDR下的強光室外

7. Sunny days in San Francisco

With HDR shooting mode on, I snapped a relatively non-challenging image
of a partial San Francisco skyline. Though all three handsets performed
well, the M9 had an odd light flare at the bottom right-hand corner. And
while I liked the way the sky appeared on the iPhone more (the blue is
deeper), the Galaxy S6 had the most even-toned colors overall. The iPhone
and the M9, in comparison, was more bluish, with the latter being the
most blue.

S6顏色最均勻 其他兩者背景色調偏藍

8. HDR下的明暗大反差室內

8. Tricky lighting at the Slanted Door

To see how well the smartphones could handle two different exposures with
HDR activated, I took a challenging photo inside a busy restaurant that
included bright windows. The Galaxy S6's performance was disappointing.
Though it was able to capture the outside environment the best (as you can
see with the buildings through the window), the area indoors was too dark.
Even after I tried to touch-focus some of the objects from the restaurant,
the photo remained underexposed. Both the M9 and the iPhone managed to light
the restaurant well, though neither of them could capture objects outside
the window well enough. All in all, I'd say the winner of this round was
the iPhone, since it was able to retain the details inside the restaurant,
while capturing at least some details outdoors.

S6表現讓人失望 窗外的場景有表現出來 但主體的室內太過黑暗 甚至在多次調整
M9及iPhone6都能表現出室內的亮度 足夠讓人看清室內的場景 同時也表現出窗外物體
最好的是iPhone6 室內暗處的細節和窗外亮處的細節都有保留下來

9. 室外夜景

9. Night time in the City

In another low-light environment, this time outdoors at night, the iPhone
took the better photo. Again, all handsets were set in Auto mode, and you
can see how Apple's handset didn't capture the lens flares emanating from
the stop lights like the other two. The cars and buildings are much more
in focus as well, and the iPhone managed to capture some stars in the
night sky too.

iPhone6表現最好 眩光控制不錯 汽車及建築物都表現最好 甚至還拍出了夜空中

10. 室內日光燈人像

10. Sitting pretty indoors with fluorescent lights

This indoor image was taken with fluorescent lighting from above. All
devices took the picture adequately, but I especially like how deep the
purple hues came out with the Galaxy S6. However, you can see it lost
some details with the darker black colors, like in Sarah's (middle) black
pants and Nick's (right) black shirt. The M9 looks the most washed out,
but only barely, compared to all three. Lastly, I liked how the skin
tones on the iPhone appeared the most. Particularly noticeable at full
resolution, the faces on the iPhone were the most evenly lit and accurately

S6牆上的紫色比較濃郁 比較討喜 但中間女生的黑褲子和右邊男生的黑色T裇 黑色的
M9有點washed out
三者中 iPhone6對人像膚色的表現最好 全解析度下 iPhone6光線最平衡 色調最正確

11. 室外陽光人像

11. Sitting pretty outdoors with natural sunlight

Again, all phones took this photo well enough, but the Galaxy S6 had a
slight edge on this round. It managed to portray a lot more depth and
shadowing with the bamboo leaves in the background, while on the M9 and
the iPhone they look a tad more washed out. All three faces also look
more textured on the Samsung handset, and at full resolution, you can see
sharper details on Sharon's (left) purple dress.

同樣的 三者表現都不錯
S6背景竹子陰影表現比較深沈 全尺寸下 人臉的紋路細節及左邊紫色洋裝的細節較多

12. 動態流水拍攝

12. Photos over not-so-troubled water

When it comes to these fast-moving fountain water shots, I prefer the
iPhone's image. The picture is brighter than the other two, without
appearing overexposed, and the blueness of the water looks more natural.
In addition, the water droplets are crisper and sharper than the Galaxy
S6 and the M9.

三者中iPhone6表現最佳 亮度比另外兩者高 但並未出現過曝 水的顏色表現最自然
另外 iPhone6對水珠的表現也最銳利明快

13. 棚拍標準版拍攝

13. Still Life 101

In our standard studio shot, all three devices' photos had sharp objects
that were nicely in focus. However, the Galaxy S6 had a yellow-tinged
white background, particularly in the center, and its black-to-grey color
gradient on the right wasn't as distinguished as the M9 and the iPhone. In
addition, the iPhone had the truest and purest white hues.

S6白平衡出現偏黃 尤其是中心部分 背後的黑色到白色的灰階色板上 界線也不像另外


After analyzing the photos, I found that all in all, both the Galaxy S6
and the iPhone 6's cameras were far superior to the One M9 -- proving that
just because your phone has a high megapixel count, doesn't mean it will
take the best pictures. With outdoor environments, the M9 blew out and
overexposed light sources more often. Dim, indoor environments are even
worse; objects are noticeably more blotchy and grainier when compared to
the other two. In addition, unlike the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6, both
of which render HDR images almost instantaneously, the M9 takes a while
to process HDR photos.

M9室外場景出現較多的過曝 而室內低光場景則更差 很容易注意到較多的斑點及噪點
當另外兩者幾乎馬上合成出HDR照片 M9明顯要花費一段時間才合成出照片

As for the iPhone, its biggest strength is with low-light environments.
Though it won't have the brightest exposure in the end per se, its photos
are sharper and look more natural. It also reduces the amount of lens flare
beaming from different light sources. In addition, its white balance
captures the purest and cleanest white hues.

但照片拍起來叫銳利 也較為自然
另外 其白平衡也最為乾淨精準純粹

Finally, compared to Apple's handset and the M9, the Galaxy S6 takes livelier
and punchier photos, especially when it comes to colorful objects like fruit
and flowers that have red, green, and yellow hues. I found myself favoring
several photos from the Galaxy S6 simply because they packed a lot more
punch and vibrancy. (The downside, of course, is that if you're a stickler
for accuracy, you may prefer the iPhone. Though its pictures can look a tad
more muted or washed out compared to the Galaxy S6, it is, at the end of
the day, more true-to-life.)

S6照片艷麗有衝擊力 在拍攝水果花朵等有大片紅綠黃色調場景更為討喜
作者喜歡一些S6拍出來照片 單純因為其更有衝擊力更有活力
缺點就是 如果喜歡正確色調的人會不喜歡這樣的照片 而喜歡比較貼近真實的照片

All in all, the M9 proved a disappointment, while the Galaxy S6 and the
iPhone 6 were pretty neck-and-neck. Personally, I'd give the Galaxy S6 the
slight edge, since I'm partial to its saturated tones that come off bright
without looking too unrealistic (a characteristic that plagued Galaxy
cameras before).

最終 iPhone6和S6的表現接近 但風格差很多
作者比較喜歡S6一些 艷利色調但還不至於看起來太不真實
乎~ 真長

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Reedred     : Others專出神機98F 04/07 01:30
Europeanlose: ip6果然棒99F 04/07 02:03
Europeanlose: 火腿廠還是調4MP比20MP厲害很多
hiro1221    : 以這篇結論來說,盲測三星顏色本來就比較討喜阿101F 04/07 02:52
cakin       : htc用高畫素打臉自己 實在好笑XDD102F 04/07 04:04
cash35      : 這篇跟盲測其實不衝突103F 04/07 09:19
APC         : 推~104F 04/07 14:26
r79207920   : 說IPHONE 顏色濃,那你不會覺得三星現在更濃105F 04/07 22:02
r79207920   : IPHONE的顏色維持這種形態已經好幾代了
bluestaral  : Note4沒iphone濃,比iphone貼近真實...107F 04/08 01:02
bluestaral  : 但S6...入手後看看吧XD
yamato36    : 期待樓上的測試文!109F 04/08 15:53

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