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The Cambridge Analytica Files | The Guardian
Latest The Cambridge Analytica Files news, comment and analysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice ...



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‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower | News | The Guardian
Christopher Wylie goes on the record to discuss his role in hijacking the profiles of millions of Facebook users in order to target the US electorate.

Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach | News | The Guardian
Whistleblower describes how firm linked to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon compiled user data to target American voters.

Staff claim Cambridge Analytica ignored US ban on foreigners working on elections | UK news | The Guardian
In the 2014 midterm elections and the Trump campaign, firm was staffed mainly by young Britons and Canadians.

Cambridge Analytica: links to Moscow oil firm and St Petersburg university | News | The Guardian
Data company gave briefing to Moscow firm Lukoil, and the lecturer who developed the crucial algorithm worked for St Petersburg university.

How Cambridge Analytica turned Facebook ‘likes’ into a lucrative political tool | Technology | The Guardian
The algorithm used in the Facebook data breach trawled though personal data for information on sexual orientation, race, gender – and even intelligenc.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica face mounting pressure over data scandal | News | The Guardian
Growing calls in US and UK for investigations to explain data breach affecting tens of millions.

What is Cambridge Analytica? The firm at the centre of Facebook's data breach | News | The Guardian
A closer look at the company that has hit the headlines after it was revealed it harvested 50 million Facebook profiles.

What is the Cambridge Analytica scandal? - YouTube
Cambridge Analytica claims to use data 'to change audience behaviour'. But now a whistleblower, Christopher Wylie, has come forward to expose the company's p...


No one can pretend Facebook is just harmless fun any more | Ellie Mae O’Hagan | Opinion | The Guardian
From its stance on extremist content, to its vast caches of user data, Facebook is a corporation whose power must, finally, be reined in, says freelan.

Where's Zuck? Facebook CEO silent as data harvesting scandal unfolds | News | The Guardian
Amid calls for investigation and a #DeleteFacebook campaign, company releases an official statement but its figurehead keeps quiet.

Cambridge Analytica execs boast of role in getting Donald Trump elected | UK news | The Guardian
Execs from firm at heart of Facebook data breach say they used ‘unattributable and untrackable’ ads, according to undercover expose.

Alexander Nix, Cambridge Analytica CEO, suspended after data scandal | UK news | The Guardian
Man at centre of allegations about Facebook data breach is suspended pending full independent investigation.

Facebook: is it time we all deleted our accounts? | Technology | The Guardian
The Cambridge Analytica revelations may be the final nudge we need to turn away from the social network. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it .

Cambridge Analytica misled MPs over work for Leave.EU, says ex-director | News | The Guardian
Brittany Kaiser contradicts CEO, who told MPs the data firm did not work with Brexit campaign group.

Cambridge Analytica academic's work upset university colleagues | Education | The Guardian
Emails reveal rows over Aleksandr Kogan’s ‘get rich quick scheme’ with Facebook data.

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Data, Democracy and Dirty Tricks – Channel 4 News
Watch all of Channel 4 News' investigations into both Cambridge Analytica - the British data firm linked to Trump's win - and the Brexit campaign.

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生活中找樂趣 says 臉書開除熱門話題小組 缺乏人類協助之下的演算法就暴走了 - 衛報 http://goo.gl/VvhdHE http://imgur.com/MJ2aHi7 包括假消息假新聞、冒犯性言論頭條,還有用麥 - #lth87c - Plurk Plurk by 生活中找樂趣 - 42 response(s)

生活中找樂趣 says 開除了人類編輯的同時 臉書就已經喪失了對抗假新聞的能力 - 衛報 goo.gl/LmUPZU http://imgur.com/P1hEDqC 除此之外,網路詐騙與釣魚主要還是仰賴人類來識破。 - 說 - #ltwfos - Plurk Plurk by 生活中找樂趣 - 38 response(s)

生活中找樂趣 says 官方認可 《陰屍路》給了川普勝選一臂之力 - 衛報評論 https://goo.gl/47k9Qi 「他的團隊將競選廣告放在影集中,猜想影迷都會支持他們的移民政策。難怪我對殭屍已經感到厭倦了。」 + - #lyhg0i - Plurk
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生活中找樂趣 says 網際網路發明人呼籲 對於網路上的政治宣傳廣告應該要有更嚴格的規範 - 衛報 https://goo.gl/yBR83V 柏內茲-李爵士發表了一封公開信,提到了網路是如何地變成了一個複雜又龐大的產業,並 - #m4rs8k - Plurk Plurk by 生活中找樂趣 - 18 response(s)

生活中找樂趣 says 大不列顛脫歐搶劫:我們的民主是怎麼被挾持的? - 觀察家週日報 - 科技版 https://goo.gl/2kfgzM 在全球舞台的幕後,有一個鬼祟的行動在操縱一切,這場行動涉及了大數據、川普的億萬富 - #m7y8of - Plurk Plurk by 生活中找樂趣 - 28 response(s)

生活中找樂趣 says 調查發現:英國24%的民眾相信社群媒體上的新聞與消息 - 衛報媒體版頭條 https://goo.gl/Gh7XqT 假新聞上的醜聞損害名譽、激進分子的文宣傳播,還有兒童安全議題、網路霸凌等議題。 - #mlylm4 - Plurk
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生活中找樂趣 says 臉書的失敗:是不是假新聞與兩極化的政治讓川普當選? - 衛報 https://goo.gl/FJExrD 政治偏見與假新聞早已在Facebook上擴散流竄 + 祖格柏當然否認了這個--陰謀論--「 - #lxqdvq - Plurk Plurk by 生活中找樂趣 - 37 response(s)

生活中找樂趣 says 進一步政治工具化?臉書雇用了保守黨與工黨的資深選戰顧問們 - 衛報頭版 https://goo.gl/JhrPtj 思想潛移默化?衛報得知了FB招募來的人知道主要政黨的選戰是怎麼運作的。這些人包括了卡 - #m80edr - Plurk Plurk by 生活中找樂趣 - 25 response(s)

生活中找樂趣 says 【衛報頻道】 這次大選 你在線上被選舉文宣給盯上了嗎? https://youtu.be/QUAUSGlLseQ 我覺得社群媒體上的客製化廣告,只是讓同溫層越來越厚而已,更糟的是,資訊會更不流通,甚 - #m9m07v - Plurk
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生活中找樂趣 says 我是前臉書主管:關於廣告,不要相信任何FB所說的-衛報科技版 https://goo.gl/RB0hJp 【本日點閱率第一名】我相信社群媒體巨人能夠將廣告對準憂鬱的青少年與無數的人口。所以呢 - #m7ptus - Plurk Plurk by 生活中找樂趣 - 20 response(s)

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The Brexit whistleblower: ‘Did Vote Leave use me? Was I naive' | UK news | The Guardian
Shahmir Sanni, a volunteer for Vote Leave, the official pro-Brexit EU referendum campaign, explains how a company linked to Cambridge Analytica played.

Revealed: the ties that bind Vote Leave's data firm to controversial Cambridge Analytica | UK news | The Guardian
Role of remote data affiliate raises questions over relationship between Brexit groups.

Facebook logs SMS texts and calls, users find as they delete accounts | Technology | The Guardian
Leaving the social network after Cambridge Analytica scandal, users discover extent of data held.

Pressure grows on PM over Brexit Cambridge Analytica scandal | Politics | The Guardian
Campaigners demand Theresa May investigates what Michael Gove and Boris Johnson knew.

Vote Leave members 'may have committed criminal offences' | Politics | The Guardian
MPs to debate claims that official Brexit campaign colluded to breach spending limits.

#違反 #犯法 #脫歐陣營

Facebook's privacy practices are under investigation, FTC confirms | Technology | The Guardian
Facebook could face huge fines as Federal Trade Commission confirms inquiry into whether the company engaged in ‘unfair acts’.

Theresa May stands by adviser who outed Brexit whistleblower | UK news | The Guardian
Some Tory MPs say they believe Stephen Parkinson should resign after outing Shahmir Sanni.

Zuckerberg's refusal to testify before UK MPs 'absolutely astonishing' | Technology | The Guardian
Chair of committee investigating fake news urges Facebook head to ‘think again if he has any care for users’.

EU referendum won through fraud, whistleblower tells MPs | UK news | The Guardian
Former Cambridge Analytica worker says Brexit result may have been different without financial ‘cheating’.

Mark Zuckerberg agrees to testify before Congress over data scandal | Technology | The Guardian
Calls for CEO to appear reach fever pitch after Cambridge Analytica reports, paving way for showdown over Facebook accountability.

Facebook increases lobbying presence on Capitol Hill before Zuckerberg testimony | Technology | The Guardian
The company listed 12 policy-related job openings based in Washington DC as it faces scrutiny over its privacy policies.

Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you | Dylan Curran | Opinion | The Guardian
The harvesting of our personal details goes far beyond what many of us could imagine. So I braced myself and had a look.

Facebook VP wrote site's actions were 'de facto good' – even if they led to deaths | Technology | The Guardian
Zuckerberg says he disagrees with 2016 memo, which acknowledged site could cost lives or play role in terror attacks.

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Facebook says Cambridge Analytica may have gained 37m more users' data | UK news | The Guardian
Company reveals up to 87m people may have been affected as Mark Zuckerberg takes responsibility for ‘a huge mistake’.

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Facebook suspends data firm hired by Vote Leave over alleged Cambridge Analytica ties | Technology | The Guardian
AggregateIQ, which played a pivotal role in the Brexit campaign, suspended after reports it may have improperly obtained user data.

Christopher Wylie: Why I broke the Facebook data story – and what should happen now | UK news | The Guardian
The whistleblower at the centre of the Cambridge Analytica storm asks if Britain will now address the hard issues which it has raised.

Facebook to contact 87 million users affected by data breach | Technology | The Guardian
Message will reveal which users had personal information harvested by Cambridge Analytica.

Congress grills Facebook CEO over data misuse – as it happened | Technology | The Guardian
Mark Zuckerberg gave testimony to Senate committees in light of revelations that Cambridge Analytica used Facebook data to influence US voters.

via https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/...474966&CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica face class action lawsuit | News | The Guardian
Lawyers in UK and US allege four firms misused personal data of more than 71m people.

Zuckerberg put on back foot as House grills Facebook CEO over user tracking | Technology | The Guardian
In his second day on Capitol Hill, Zuckerberg faces tougher questioning and says his own data was handed to Cambridge Analytica.

Five things we learned from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook hearing | Technology | The Guardian
The CEO’s privacy is as vulnerable as ours, and the social network faces a regulation battle.

Zuckerberg certainly convinced me - to log off Facebook for good, that is | Emma Brockes | Opinion | The Guardian
I felt little more than distaste for the tech mogul. Then I saw him before Congress, writes Guardian columnist Emma Brockes.

Leave.EU, Arron Banks and new questions about referendum funding | Politics | The Guardian
Revealed: Leave donor faces data investigation as first documentary evidence of Cambridge Analytica Brexit ‘work’ uncovered.

Price comparison site data may have been used by Leave.EU | Politics | The Guardian
Former Cambridge Analytica director told MPs Brexit campaign group used data from Eldon Insurance.

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Cambridge Analytica closing after Facebook data harvesting scandal | News | The Guardian
Political consultancy, under fire over use of millions of Facebook users’ data, has begun insolvency proceedings.

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Vote Leave and BeLeave used identical datasets to target Facebook users | Politics | The Guardian
Revelation raises new questions in ongoing investigation into Brexit campaign groups.

Vote Leave faces scrutiny over £50m football contest | Politics | The Guardian
Facebook letter to MPs may refer to sports competition data harvested by Vote Leave.

Complaints that Zuckerberg 'avoided questions' at European parliament | Technology | The Guardian
Facebook founder spends 30 minutes giving answers to 60 minutes of MEPs’ questions.

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Cambridge Analytica's 'victimised' ex-chief lambasts liberal media | UK news | The Guardian
Alexander Nix tells MPs ‘coordinated and effective attack’ led to firm’s downfall.

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UK democracy under threat and need for reform is urgent, says regulator | Politics | The Guardian
Electoral Commission asks government to change law after series of online political campaign scandals.

生活中找樂趣 says 臉書與至少4家中國公司共享數據 - 紐約時報 https://goo.gl/HmP8fr https://goo.gl/SuQJZ1 這些協議至少可以追溯到2010年。它們讓美國情報官員列為國家安全威 - #msu6a0 - Plurk
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> https://www.plurk.com/p/muovdb

Facebook fined for data breaches in Cambridge Analytica scandal | Technology | The Guardian
Firm fined £500,000 for lack of transparency and failing to protect users’ information.


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Over $119bn wiped off Facebook's market cap after growth shock | Technology | The Guardian
Shares crash as social network admits user growth fell after Cambridge Analytica breach.

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Democracy at risk due to fake news and data misuse, MPs conclude | Technology | The Guardian
Parliamentary inquiry to demand urgent action to combat ‘relentless targeting of hyper-partisan views’.

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Police urged to investigate Vote Leave’s ‘law-breaking’ | Politics | The Guardian
Cross-party group of MPs and peers urges Met Police to conduct ‘thorough’ inquiry.


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The more of your data I gather, the more I understand what it means to be human.

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> **https://www.plurk.com/p/lqxwjg**
> https://www.plurk.com/p/lwc23v
> https://www.plurk.com/p/m77id8
> https://www.plurk.com/p/m88wfy
> https://www.plurk.com/p/mbmggj
> https://www.plurk.com/p/mrs0ev
> https://www.plurk.com/p/msjh0v
> **https://www.plurk.com/p/m2w7x8**
> https://www.plurk.com/p/m1k5v1
> https://www.plurk.com/p/malssc
> https://www.plurk.com/p/moonok
> https://www.plurk.com/p/mot3vw

Arron Banks refuses to appear before Commons committee

Leave.EU founder and colleague Andy Wigmore claim to be victims of a ‘witch hunt’


Arron Banks ‘met Russian officials multiple times before Brexit vote’

Documents seen by Observer suggest multiple meetings between 2015 and 2017

MPs call for police to investigate Arron Banks' links to Russia

Parliamentarians suggest other select committees should look into Brexit backer’s contacts

The ‘bad boys of Brexit’ have some big questions to answer | Matthew d'Ancona

The sheer scale of contacts between Arron Banks, Andy Wigmore and Russian officials has been revealed. The implications for our politics could be huge

Arron Banks' Russia links being examined 'very seriously' by UK
Ministers trying to establish if democracy was undermined during Brexit campaign


Profile: Isabel Oakeshott and The Bad Boys of Brexit

Journalist at centre of storm over leaked emails linking Brexit campaign donor with Russian officials


Arron Banks tells MPs: I have no business interests in Russia
Brexiter questioned about where his £9m of backing for leave campaign came from

Leave. EU faces new questions over contacts with Russia
MPs say latest revelations show Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore may have misled parliament

Arron Banks, Brexit and the Russia connection

Revealed: Leave.EU campaign met Russian officials as many as 11 times

Founder Arron Banks was offered lucrative deals in talks with the ambassador


Revealed: details of exclusive Russian deal offered to Arron Banks in Brexit run-up

Leaked document lays out for first time deal proposed to Leave.EU backer, sparking new questions over Moscow’s role

#Brexit脫歐 #俄羅斯 #俄國

> https://www.plurk.com/p/m7y8of

> https://disp.cc/b/261-axAN

湯姆華生:英國身處俄國正在攻城掠地的"新冷戰"前線上 - 衛報政治版頭條

Tom Watson: UK on frontier of 'new cold war' that Russia is winning

Labour’s deputy leader also discussed claim Theresa May thwarted investigation into Leave.EU donor Arron Banks

> https://www.plurk.com/p/l14e3r#!
> https://www.plurk.com/p/lx4hml
> https://www.plurk.com/p/lwtzx9
> https://www.plurk.com/p/m2w7x8
> https://www.plurk.com/p/malssc
> https://www.plurk.com/p/moeama
> https://www.plurk.com/p/moonok
> https://www.plurk.com/p/mot3vw

Arron Banks faces criminal inquiry over Brexit campaign

MPs call for Brexit process to be paused as NCA investigates £2.9m spent by leave campaign


Arron Banks faces new claims of misleading MPs over Brexit

Leaked messages ‘show undeclared links’; emails ‘contradict statements to MPs’


Marr founders on the Rocks of Arron Banks's muddy waters | John Crace

The pro-Brexit tycoon has never knowingly made any situation less confusing

Arron Banks: the man who bankrolled Brexit

Carole Cadwalladr has been covering the biggest pro-leave donor for nearly two years. As each revelation sparks a new investigation, Arron Banks rubbishes her journalism. But those investigations are beginning to bite. Also today: Eva Wiseman on our obsession with true crime

> https://www.plurk.com/p/m2m6gx#!

Emails reveal Arron Banks’ links to Steve Bannon in quest for campaign cash

Businessman sought Trump strategist’s help to raise funds for Leave.EU in the US

Brexit backer Arron Banks faces questions over uncut diamond | The Observer

Campaigners report businessman to multiple authorities over gem allegedly removed from South Africa

#未切割鑽石原石 #南非

> https://www.plurk.com/p/n8do22

Arron Banks gave '£450,000 funding to Nigel Farage after Brexit vote'

Tycoon provided Farage with Chelsea home, car and money to promote him in US, Channel 4 News claims

「恐為來自海外的"髒錢"」前首相布朗:法拉吉的脫歐黨獲得的政治獻金必須被調查  - 衛報頭版頭條(2019-5-20)
Brexit party's funding must be investigated, says Gordon Brown

Former PM is concerned ‘dirty money’ from foreign donors could reach Nigel Farage’s party

EU to investigate Nigel Farage over expenses funded by Arron Banks

Move follows revelations MEP failed to declare lavish funding from year of Brexit referendum

#政治獻金 #中選會

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Parliament seizes cache of Facebook internal papers | Technology | The Observer | The Guardian
Documents alleged to contain revelations on data and privacy controls that led to Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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